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The Big Three: Music Video Directors of a Bygone Era

Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton
“Tonight, Tonight” The Smashing Pumpkins (1996)

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, tonight from mapale escobar olarte on Vimeo.

Matthew Rolston
“Walking After You” Foo Fighters (1998)
Foo Fighters – Walking After You (Official Music Video)

Dean Karr
“Crash Into Me”(1996) [Close Runner-Up: Filter “Jurassitol” (1996)]
Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me (Official Music Video)

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Mark Romanek
    “Closer” Nine Inch Nails (1994)
  2. McG, in general

Let’s all give praise to the post-grunge era in music.  

Most of these directors have become better with age, barring Matthew Rolston.  His more recent endeavors have proven that he wishes to stay current with the Top 40 music moguls.  Has old age come knocking on his door?  On the flip side, McG has progressed into an interesting visual creator, and I will comment more on that in an upcoming post.

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