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Portfolio Clutches

There are several reasons to like portfolio clutches right now:

  1. You can put your iPad in it.
  2. People ask you if you are carrying a laptop, and you leave them astonished when you offer that, no, in fact, you are not.
  3. Or, you are carrying a laptop, but it gives you the excuse to walk around with this great bag.
  4. You can have your Monocle or IHT tucked easily away into it, without excessive bending of the printed paper.
  5. Said printed media could just as easily be peaking out from under your arm, in combination with said bag.
  6. A4’s or 8.5″x11″ paper sizes wouldn’t be an issue with the right-size clutch.  
The practical person in me would cite any of these reasons to have one of these.  I’ve had one since 2008, but it seems like they are coming back this fall.  I’ll have to dust mine off.

Image via Purseblog

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Chic Rock #2

Insound, as always, is awesome.  I’ve been a regular listener of their periodically issued digital mix tapes since the beginning of digital time.  The concept started out as a physical record of digital data, or in other terms, a CD.  You would get this CD with a – in my case, rather large – shipment of CD’s, along with a bunch of extra stickers and posters.  While listening to said CD, you would be welcomed into another dimension of space and time, where the taste-makers at Insound invited you to hang out for awhile.  In these days of Spotify and Ping, some people don’t even own CD’s (What?) but just download music.  Insound’s down with that.  (They are?  Ok, then I am, too.)  The perk of this digital age is that I don’t even have to buy anything to get their mixtape.  It’s free for download.

So I’ve already expounded on the reasons for which Insound is so, well, awesome.  But here’s another reason.  Their February mixtape is full of female artists.

Like Nite Jewel.

Love the ’80s sound.

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