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Oooms Design

Their products are amazing.  Of note, are the twig-like USB sticks and the wine glass lamps.  The Dutch have done it again, this time, in Eindhoven.  Home of Philips, the late Dr. Eindhoven of ECG-lead fame, and an eerily cool, annual light show.  As Oooms shows, Eindhoven is indeed solidifying their design roots these days.

This vase seems to be encased in a bunch of floating rings.  The flower stems line up perfectly with the shape of the left face of the vessel.  What else, what else?
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Who We Are

I believe that The Mary Tyler Moore Show was one the best television series on American television in the ’70s.

 What do you think her autobiography would have read if she had, in fact, written one?  Probably something empowering and inspiring.  I did an interview with a professor on campus a few months ago. This professor reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore so much – not just in what she had to say but also in her physical appearance.  Maybe people not only look like their doppelgängers, they act like them, too.
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